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Altra Ladies Lace Up for 2018 World Mountain Running Champs - Sophie Smith

Mountain Running Sophie Smith Team Altra NZ World Mountain Running Championships

We are excited to welcome Sabrina Grogan and Sophie Smith to the Altra New Zealand team. In a two part blog, the girls let us know about their background and plans as they prepare for the 2018 World Trail Running Championships in Andorra.

Sophie Smith:

Sophie at the 2017 World Mountain Running Championships in Italy

I am Sophie Smith and I have been running for quite a few years and have developed a love for off road running. I have recently been selected to compete in the World Mountain Running Championships for the third year in a row, however this year I have moved up from the Under 20 women’s division to the Senior Women’s division, a big step up but a very exciting one. Who doesn’t love a challenge.

I have tried running in many a shoe on the mountain running terrain but have never found one quite right for my foot until the day that I ran the NZ World Mountain Running race, in Cardrona, earlier this year. After the race I walked into The Frontrunner, in Queenstown, in my very battered pair of racing shoes. As the soles were only just hanging on to the rest of the shoe we decided it was time for a new pair. My Dad suggested I tried a pair of Altra shoes, as he has been running in them for a while and had been finding them fantastic for running. So we purchased a pair of 3.0 Superiors and I have not looked back past that day. No shoe has ever worked so well.

I am super excited about being on the Altra team as it not only opens up some amazing opportunities in the field of running but it also allows me to represent a brand of running shoe which has revolutionized running for me.


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