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Becky Nixon's UTA Recap

Becky Nixon Team Altra NZ Ultra Running

Altra Running New Zealand team ambassador Becky Nixon again ventured across the ditch to tackle the Ultra Trail Australia, a tough and rugged 100km through the Blue Mountain's canyons, fire roads, trails, stairs (lots of stairs) and the revered Tarros Ladders. 

We caught up with Becky to see how her day played out-

must have erased all the pain and suffering from my mind from last year, as I returned to the Blue Mountain's for another suffer fest at Ultra Trail Australia 100km again this year.

Had to dig deep for this one…..

The first few kilometres running through the bush felt effortless and was enjoying myself, then, BOOM!!!!  

With the first set of stairs it felt like I hit a huge wall.... that wall lasted for the next 90+ks.

But not all of it was painful. I loved the single track trails and this year I climbed down the Tarros Ladders, (ladders are set up, along with rope, down a cliff edge) and in the first 50k there's sections where your climbing down in between rocks which is real fun. 

The last 50k I couldn't tell you much... I must have blocked the pain and suffering out again......

To sum up UTA 100 I would say... stairs, pain, more stairs, fire road, stairs, pain, stairs, fun ladder and rock section, pain, stairs, stairs, stairs.

Would I do it again? Yes! Because soon after I crossed the finish line I realized that secretly I enjoyed the pain- we wouldn't do it if we didn't, right?

Becky is building towards the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB) in France in August!

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